The French Speaking Baptist Church of Stamford began with a small prayer group held by dedicated christians who moved from Brooklyn to Stamford in the late sixties in search of work. After a few months, the group sought Rev. Jean-Baptiste Thomas of the French Speaking Baptist Church of Brooklyn, NY for leadership and guidance. During this time, Rev. Emmanuel St. Juste immigrated to the United States, and in October 1974, he assumed the leadership role of the chapel upon the recommendation of Rev. Jean Baptiste Thomas and the approval of its members. Upon the new hands-on leadership administration of Pastor St. Juste, the chapel became a missionary church and continued to grow tremendously with the Lord’s blessing. Since 1978, the French Speaking Baptist Church of Stamford has gone on to plant seven churches in CT, three in NY one in FL, one in France, and fourteen in Haiti. The fourteen churches in Haiti serve under the umbrella of the Hope Evangelical Baptist Mission established in 2003 by the Church International Missions Ministry.

In addition to planting churches, Pastor St. Juste was compelled to start a charitable missionary project in his hometown of Hinche, Haiti after several visits and witnessing setbacks brought on by poverty, lack of resources and the AIDS epidemic of the 80’s.

In 2004 Center Of Hope, Haiti, a great Philanthropic Organization for orphaned, poor and disadvantaged children of Haiti, opened its doors.

This mission was dedicated to fostering the livelihood and hope for the future by providing shelter, education, nutrition, emotional security, healthcare and life skills for the children of Hinche Haiti and their caregivers.

Today, the French Speaking Baptist Church of Stamford has continued to be the largest Haitian Congregation in Connecticut and Rev. Emmanuel St. Juste and his wife, Marie Gladys St. Juste of 43 years, still continues to serve the congregation for over 41 years.

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