Dr. Rev. Emmanuel St. Juste

Pastor of French Speaking Baptist Church of Stamford

FSBCS Main Choir

FSBCS of Stamford

Moisson 2015

Moisson 2015

Dr. Rev. Eden McGuffie

Predicateur de Circonstance

Welcome To French Speaking Baptist Church Of Stamford Connecticut

With the grace, peace of and love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, we warmly welcome you to our church, The French Speaking Baptist Church of Stamford. This is the house of God, where everyone’s identity is rooted in Jesus Christ and we seek to grow in knowledge of His Holy Word. Join us to worship and serve Him in faith, reverence and gratefulness and you will be blessed.

A Pastor’s Message To The New Generation Of The French Speaking Baptist Church Of Stamford

Our church today stands because of a team of true dedicated laborers under grace of God and led by the Holy Spirit. We continued to flourish and progress even through our most trying times, throughout our 41-year history all for God’s glory. As we are slowly fading away and future leaders are moving up to the stage, we pray that the Holy Spirit will convict you to continue building and adding onto our accomplishments. In the book of John (John 16 v 13), Jesus explains to His disciples that the Holy Spirit can lead you in all truth. Don’t be dismayed future leaders. Jesus also says (John 16 vs26), the Holy Spirit will teach you all things. I was one of 9 children in a family from a poor city in Haiti, and the only reason why I am here today, is because of God. As you are facing the challenges navigating through the 21st century, you must let the light of the Holy Spirit guide you to lead the church in the right direction. Today the technological tools and resources at your reach can help propel the gospel of Jesus Christ further than we can ever imagine. Do not underestimate our elders but take advantage of their vast experience, wisdom, and vision to serve you and help you. Please understand that success is never automatic. It is the result of genuine dedication, sacrifice and working for the Glory of God. Use your gifts and talents to continue building our church today, so that your future leaders can also add unto all our accomplishments for tomorrow. Pray together, serve one another and love God with all your hearts and your entire mind.No matter the situation, you must never give up. Keep up the good work and remain blessed.
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